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Jessica Munna

Voice Coaching

I love working with people as they connect into a more authentic & trusting relationship with their authentic voice and expression. Whether it’s fear of asserting views or boundaries in personal relationships, holding negative feelings about the singing voice, or struggling with low confidence in public speaking — my mission is to support my clients as they cultivate an abiding and nurturing relationship  with their voices, and by extension with themselves.

It is a joy to be a support, partner, and gentle guide along this journey through self-expression into deeper self-discovery & self-love.

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Description of sessions available below.

private sessions available

Embodied Voice

Work with somatic exercises for the breath and voice to release stress and soothe the nervous system.


This is for all skill levels to demystify what it takes to sing and to help you embody your own unique voice with freedom and joy. Applying classical technique and the philosophy of jazz, I work with you in developing the foundational skills, and then building them into your own unique technique, style, and understanding of your unique instrument.


This session is curated specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are experiencing a transition in their gender and vocal identity who want guidance discovering a new voice that is authentic, resonant, supported with the breath, and free of tension.

First Impressions

Whether preparing for a job interview, an audition, or a public speaking engagement, getting grounded in your body, voice, and presentation choices are key.


Jessica put me at ease immediately and really helped build my confidence when it came to singing auditions. Soon after we started working together, I had one of the biggest theatre auditions of my career. After going through my song choices together I went into the audition room feeling so much more comfortable than I did before. Her encouragement helped me feel brave enough to make bold choices and interpret the pieces in my own ways to make them work best for me. I didn't get that job, but I did get the next one and the one after that! My belief in myself improved massively when I realised how much Jessica believed in me.

Jessica's prepped me for a VO recording. Her coaching is technically superb while still being accessible and fun! Her approach puts the power in your hands to ask for what you want using her guidance to get to where you need to be.

Jessica is such a natural teacher and doing online lessons with her has totally changed my relationship with singing. She’s helped me find my voice and my confidence. Lessons with her have deepened my relationship with my voice. I really never thought I would get to this point.

Jessica's singing classes are my form of self-care.