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Jessica Munna

voice & singing coaching for all, public speaking coaching for professionals, & mental health practices for artists!

I began my journey in music as a self-taught singer before receiving any training in performance, which is why I offer a wide range of sessions for beginners all the way to the experienced professional. I want anyone at any level to be able to discover something new about themselves.

I’ve worked with music in peace-building, community service, education, and performance contexts. I truly believe singing (or any voice) lessons are incredibly beneficial to anyone interested.

Please browse and see what I can offer you.

Services Available


Whether a complete beginner, a hobbyist, or professional (of any age), these sessions will demystify singing and to give you practical tools to ensure healthy technique and to help you claim your unique voice with freedom, joy, & confidence! Lessons are curated to your needs to cover anything from foundational singing technique, acting through song, performance preparation, audition repertoire, and more!

Public Speaking for Professionals

Whether preparing for a job interview, an audition, or a public speaking engagement, a presentation, teaching a group of people, these sessions will help you ground in your body, voice, and presentation choices to ensure a successful & enjoyable public speaking experience. Lessons are curated your needs to cover anything from: breath support, relaxation techniques, gaining confidence through practice, articulation work, performance choices, conveying ideas clearly, & more!

Embodied Voice

A trauma-informed voice session that integrates EFT acupressure points & EMDR techniques to improve emotional wellbeing. This is geared towards experienced body or performance practitioners, you don’t necessarily need to be an experienced voice practitioner. Lessons are curated to your needs and the way you respond on the day of your session, there is no right or wrong, this is an exploratory class to help process emotions through bodily & vocal expression.


36 GBP per hour

Available via Zoom, currently in UK, US and AU timezones. Services offered:

  • Singing Lessons

  • Public Speaking For Professionals

  • Embodied Voice

For parents based in the UK, I have a valid DBS security check. You can alternately book me via Tutorful or FirstTutorsUK.

40 GBP per hour

Available on an ongoing basis from my home in London.

  • Same services offered as online lessons.

  • Gain a more nuanced & hands on understanding of how the body mechanics of technique impact sound.

For parents based in the UK, I have a valid DBS security check. You can alternately book me via Tutorful or FirstTutorsUK.

more about me

Like many people I began singing in school in choirs & school plays, etc. I received recognition as a member of competitive a cappella choirs & quartets, later joining a gospel choir & pursuing classical voice lessons while in college. I then began performing at open mic nights & busking around the world. I trained for one year at a jazz program in Cape Town, South Africa where I also became a front woman for a psychedelic blues rock band for several years. While training as an actor in London, musical theatre was included in our repertory training. To say that I have a wide range of musical experience is an understatement and as my current voice teacher puts it, I am a “musician, and the instrument is the voice.”

That is the perspective with which I approach teaching, as well. I want my students to know that they have their own artistry that is valid & worth exploring whether you’ve had the benefit of training before or whether I am your first teacher.

I began teaching singing at a primary school in Cape Town, South Africa, moving into masterclass settings as a visiting teacher at ACT Cape Town, later giving private lessons in London, and covering Ad Hoc sessions at the Liverpool Media Academy, London Campus.


Jessica's utterly brilliant, the best singing teacher I had so far! I always look forward to our sessions, she made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start and her teaching style is really unique. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and doesn’t just focus on the vocals but on the mechanics of the voice, how it all ties together and so much more, which I find fascinating and really useful. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who’s either thinking of giving singing a try or getting better at it!

Jessica put me at ease immediately and really helped build my confidence when it came to singing auditions. Soon after we started working together, I had one of the biggest theatre auditions of my career. After going through my song choices together I went into the audition room feeling so much more comfortable than I did before. Her encouragement helped me feel brave enough to make bold choices and interpret the pieces in my own ways to make them work best for me. I didn't get that job, but I did get the next one and the one after that! My belief in myself improved massively when I realised how much Jessica believed in me.

Jessica's prepped me for a VO recording. Her coaching is technically superb while still being accessible and fun! Her approach puts the power in your hands to ask for what you want using her guidance to get to where you need to be.

Jessica is such a natural teacher and doing online lessons with her has totally changed my relationship with singing. She’s helped me find my voice and my confidence. Lessons with her have deepened my relationship with my voice. I really never thought I would get to this point.

Jessica's singing classes are my form of self-care.