Jessica Munna

Press & Media

WIP Audience Feedback:
“rather captivating” 
“very resonant”
“I really connected”
“beautifully touching”
“Really liked how the concept tapped into the trend of YouTube and Instagram filming make up application but instead of talking about trivial shit it was personal and relatable.”
‘Highly recommended’ The Spectator
★★★★ “she is impeccable” London Pub Theatre Review
★★★★ “The performances are nothing short of fantastic.” Broadway Baby
★★★★ “[she] creates a memorable presence with her voice alone.” Bouquets & Brickbats
“[Jessica is] quietly chilling” “[Assisted is] a play for our times” Theatre Full Stop
 “the highlight of the show” Theatre Travels
 ★★★★ North West End
Mervyn Stutter’s ‘Pick Of The Fringe’ 
 2022 Popcorn Writing Award Nominee
WIP Audience Feedback:
“the story hides a quiet violence to it”
“writing was sensational and so smart”
“a totally unique show”
“an incredible performer”
Audience Reviews:
★★★★★  “hysterically funny”
★★★★★ “thought provoking”
★★★★★ “great characters”