Press & Media

‘Highly recommended’ The Spectator
★★★★ “she is impeccable” London Pub Theatre Review
★★★★ “The performances are nothing short of fantastic.” Broadway Baby
★★★★ “[she] creates a memorable presence with her voice alone.” Bouquets & Brickbats
“quietly chilling” Theatre Full Stop
 “the highlight of the show” Theatre Travels
Mervyn Stutter’s ‘Pick Of The Fringe’ 
 2022 Popcorn Writing Award Nominee
WIP Audience Feedback:
“the story hides a quiet violence to it”
“writing was sensational and so smart”
“a totally unique show”
“an incredible performer”
Audience Reviews:
★★★★★  “hysterically funny”
★★★★★ “thought provoking”
★★★★★ “great characters”