Jessica Munna

Jessica Munna Candid Headshot with Glasses

Performer + Writer + Educator

Jessica is a performer, writer, and educator who loves telling stories, building community, and believes art can save the world.


Come see Jessica voice the role of AI, Alivia, in Oxia Theatre’s “Assisted” as part of Omnibus’s AI Festival


Omnibus Theatre 27 Jun – 2 Jul 7pm

Tickets £13/£11 concession

Jordan and Connie want their next-generation AI voice assistant – Alivia – to make their perfect lives just that little bit better. But what happens when the technology starts to take control? A funny and searching exploration of love and domesticity in the near future.

Praise for Jessica

"Virtuosic acting. Compelling. Didn't want it to end."
"Pieces Of Me" WIP 2022, Audience feedback
"She is impeccable in the role."
"Assisted" 2021, Heather Jeffrey, London Pub Theatre Review
workshop feedback, Haley McGee solo artist
"What A Drag" Bradford Live WIP 2022, Audience feedback
"[Jessica's character] is so nice."
CoryxKenshin, "Guest" reaction video
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Coming In 2023...

Assisted | Omnibus Theatre | 27 Jun-2 Jul

Pieces Of Us | SpaceUK @Ed Fringe | 14-19 + 21-26 Aug

Distant Memories of the Near Future | Summerhall @Ed Fringe | 2-27 Aug

Guest 2 | Release date TBD 2023…