Jessica Munna Candid Headshot with Glasses

Actor. Maker. Adventurer.

Actor & theatre/filmmaker who wants to stop your heart, make you think, and believes art can save the world.

Recently the voice of Alivia in award-nominated and Mervyn Stutter’s ‘Pick Of The Fringe’ play “Assisted” now playing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Praise For Assisted

★★★★ Broadway Baby

“Highly Recommended” The Spectator

★★★★ North West End

“A Play For Our Times” Theatre Full Stop

★★★★ Bouquets & Brickbats

"Virtuosic acting. Compelling. Didn't want it to end."
"Pieces Of Me" WIP 2022, Audience feedback
"She is impeccable in the role."
"Assisted" 2021, Heather Jeffrey, London Pub Theatre Review
workshop feedback, Haley McGee solo artist

Upcoming Work 2022

9-10 April – Pieces Of Me WIP at The Rosemary Branch

6 MayVitamin D (WIP) at The Rosemary Branch

12-16 JulyAssisted at The Drayton Arms

5-27 AugustAssisted at The Space, EdFringe

24 NovemberWhat A Drag: Live Bradford online & Thornbury Centre