Jessica Munna


“What A Drag!” is a comedy/cabaret/drag show in which friends, Madiha (a Pakistani Muslim mother of 2) & Jessica (a working class white American), together build their first ever drag characters based on conversations and explorations of their respective and often depressing cultural, religious, professional, social, emotional, national experiences of being female. Composed of vignettes with pop culture references, childhood role models, music & dance routines, makeup tutorials, and history lessons, “What A Drag” finds out where their worlds meet.


What A Drag” has received the Live Bradford commission; the first 20 minutes is currently under development in association with Barrel Organ.

Follow the blog documenting progression of their work here.


A mockumentary webseries about Bella – a celebrity heiress trying to reinvent herself as a wellness influencer – and Lucy – Bella’s overworked personal assistant discovering her place in the world – and the unlikely friendship that forms between them. Currently in production and COMING SOON…. 🍑

Pilot coming in 2023….

Pieces Of Us

Life in the 21st century from the perspectives of 5 very different women to explore what makes us all the same: grief, love, hope.

Former title “Pieces of Me” WIP in April 2022 at Rosemary Branch Theatre Pub. Online version available.

Director: Amy Garner Buchanan

The Poetry Podcast

A unique podcast featuring ambient music & ASMR sound framing the world of Jessica’s performances that bring famous & obscure poetry & prose to life.

Directors: Caitlyn Oenbrink, Thomas James