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My Story

I have had a life-long love affair with the human voice. It has changed the course of my life.

I began singing in school at the age of 9. As a shy child, singing was an outlet to express myself. I started performing in choirs, a cappella groups, and musical theatre. I fell in love with harmony and the community singing gave me, particularly a non-denominational gospel choir in which we sang together, shared our hardships, and cried as we shared every week. It was a home away from home for me during a very difficult time and to this day, I cry whenever I hear harmonised singing.

In university, I started taking singing more seriously, pursuing classical lessons and formal training, which gave me  techniques to understand & use my own instrument in healthy & sustainable ways as well as the skills and confidence to seek out performance opportunities.

Then I started traveling. A quick digression here: my father passed away when I was 12 years old and his employer gave me flight benefits to travel anywhere in the world for free until the age of 25, so I did. Moving on…

On my travels, I busked, sang at open mic nights, taught singing and performance in outreach, international aid, and disaster relief contexts. I had many beautiful experiences that connected me with people with whom I did not share the same spoken language; we only shared the language of music and it was a gift to be able to share humanity with people facing such hardship.

I received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to study jazz in South Africa to combine my passions for cultural exchange, community service, and music. I had the honour and pleasure of studying jazz for 1 year. I loved South Africa so much, I extended my visa and began performing as a singer and an an actor. I also fell in love.

Then I moved to London to classically train as an actor, which only deepened my artistry but also my understanding of my voice as well as how it connects emotional and physical health.

This training combined with experiences during COVID set me down a mental health journey that led to a CPTSD and depression diagnosis that I managed for a long time (without realising it) by singing. On the journey to recover my own mental health, I started researching and investigating the ways in which using the breath and the voice can settle the nervous system and reduce stress. The Embodied Voice was born.

Now, as a freelance artist & teacher, I want to share the gifts that I’ve learned over the years with anyone who wants to deepen their connection with themselves or with others through their voice, or anyone who simply loves the joy of expressing themselves with their voice (whether song, speech, howl, etc.).

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Embodied Voice Community (join on EVENTBRITE)
The Embodied Voice is a somatic voice & breath practice. This practice explores how the mechanics of the breath & voice can impact our physical & emotional well-being & soothe the nervous system, as well as how this connection can help us expand the abilities, self-trust, and authenticity of our unique vocal instruments and ourselves. All students are on mute in this online class so you are encouraged to use your voice in abstract & experimental ways that emphasises exploration and full embodiment of authentic vocal expression rather than “sounding pretty.” 


The Embodied Voice draws from mindfulness practices as well as many somatic traditions including Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Chi Kung, Gestalt, EMDR, EFT, 5 Rhythms, yoga, and TRE combined with the principles of classical performance voice & singing techniques.

Singing (currently no classes)
My singing lessons are taught in a workshop format. I guide you through breathing exercises and scales, but throughout you are asked to feedback on what you notice in your body, learning about your habitual tension, and noticing when you feel you are able to sing from a place of ease; your feedback guides what exercises we pursue as the lesson progresses. I combine classical technique with the philosophy of jazz.: I teach you the rules of classical singing technique as I know them to the best of my ability and – as you develop- you experiment with and discover new and interesting ways to play with, bend, and break those rules. We work together to help you find your unique artistry, vocal identity, taste, and style.

Private Lessons

I offer private lessons for The Embodied Voice, Transitions, and Singing lessons. Contact me on my Contact page. Lessons are typically 60-75 minutes and £40.

Check out the Embodied Voice Youtube Channel for free tutorials.